960062_662600147089622_1763994417_nToday, we are very excited to talk to Emily Tan of FussFreeCooking, a food and lifestyle blog full of delicious food cooked by Emily herself!

Tell us about yourself – where you are from and the journey to where you are today.

I am born and bred in a foodie haven called Penang. After I graduated from high school, I was sent to Tasmania to further my education. I have then found the love of my life, career opportunity as well as the opportunity to explore several places in the New South Wales before finally deciding to settle in another foodie haven called Orange, NSW.  

What ignited your passion/love for cooking & sharing them on your blog?

Before coming to Australia, I have zero knowledge about cooking. The thing about leaving home is that you start to miss home cooked food after a while. And it is this strong desire of home cooked food that motivated me to pick up a spatula and a pan and start cooking. I have not looked back ever since and it is a life skill that I’m glad to have developed. 

In terms of starting a food blog, about three years ago, I had just moved to a new place and on top of it, I was working from home. Looking for ways to spend the spare time and energy plus the encouragement from my beloved and a friend, I have called food blogging as my new hobby. Delightfully, it is the only hobby that actually sticked ha!


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What is/are your favourite store(s) to acquire the ingredients for your ‘eastern’ (especially Malaysian) dishes?

The Essential Ingredient in Orange as well as an online store at http://www.asiangrocerystore.com.au/.

What kind of dishes do you make when you miss Malaysia?

This may sound a little strange to you but I make this makeshift hokkien mee (Penang Prawn Noodle Soup) by adding a packet of Indomie Mi Goreng (including the seasonings) with a cup of water and a tablespoonful of Glory Anchovy Sambal Chilli. As accompaniments, I sometimes add kangkung (water spinach) and/or hardboiled eggs. Although it is an unlikely list of ingredients to make hokkien mee, the broth tasted quite similar and oh so delicious and spicy!

The recipes on your blog span many different cuisines – where do you get all the ideas, and which cuisine is your favourite and why?

From dining out, pinterest, other food blogs, print media as well as recipes gifted from friends and family.

My favourite cuisine is naturally Malaysian. Additionally, I have found love in Mexican and Italian cuisines.


*Image courtesy of FussFreeCooking*

What are some lessons (cooking-wise) that you have learnt along the way?

Like dressing yourself, find the cooking style that best suits you and your lifestyle. Don’t be afraid (or embarrassed) of using cooking shortcuts whether it comes in the form of store-bought sauces or frozen food and vegetables.

I believe in keeping it simple when it comes to cooking as you’ll enjoy it more that way. It’s all about cooking smart, not hard!

What is the ultimate dream that you hope to achieve through your blog?

To be able to work on my blog on a full time basis and that, would be a bliss!


*Image courtesy of FussFreeCooking*

What are your top 3 favourite eating places in Orange?  What other things do you love about Orange?

Sweet Sour Salt, Lolli Redini & Provvista Woodfired Pizza.

I love the little boutiques and cafes which Orange has to offer. I love that Orange is such a foodie town. Every year, I anticipate the food and wine events where the locals and interstate visitors come together to celebrate each season with local produce. In addition, there is something really warm and hospitable that makes you feel like you’re part of this tight knit community. 

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